Game slaying developments.

A tiny while back when the site admin and my self started this, we almost started fisting each other over the complete boredom filling our afternoons to late evenings.

Productively we decided doing this blog instead.

A few articles later fortune goes and to unloads 5 trucks of work on our heads. Its why the site admin has not touched so much as the fucking font in here for the time we’ve been around…

I’m also undergoing similar overloads.  Thus for now, all of you fine 10 visitors 🙂 can expect a review or article once every two weeks. Hopefully in shorter spans, but well see.

Cheers and have a good one !

SGS Meets – Heroes of Lust

Virgin Review

Genre: RPG-Ish  |  Developer: IO Team

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Well well well, what do you know, went for an alpine trip and came back to find …

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